How to Remodel Exterior Stucco?

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Stucco is a material that’s plaster-like made from a mixture of water, lime, and sand. Also, it is a valuable material for exterior building because of its aesthetic appeal and durability. Remodeling a stucco exterior is especially difficult since the plaster dries to incredibly hard material. However, remodeling your stucco could be easy once you know and comprehend the options you can avail. Keep on reading this article as we have gathered the following ways on how you can spice up your stucco exteriors and make a new look out of your old stucco. Choose what method you can use and enjoy the new look of your home. Here are the following: 


One of the easiest options for you to remodel your exterior stucco siding is to paint it. Particularly, painting is efficient for updating stucco since it does not need for you to drill into the stucco, which is a process that could be challenging and might case the stucco to chip or crack. One of the most vital aspects of repainting stucco is preparing it for paint. First, you should thoroughly wash your stucco and fill in any prevailing cracks or pits so that the finished paint is consistent and smooth. Not all exterior paints are appropriate for stucco, the best options you can get are those paints with thicker consistencies that conceals evenly. Hence, ask your local hardware store paint professional for suggestions regarding the greatest and suitable brands for your project.  


If you want a totally new and fresh look for your stucco exterior, siding is an option that conceals your current stucco so that it would look like it was never existing. Vinyl siding is a durable and versatile option to concealing up stucco, However, residing your stucco must only be performed and done by a professional contractor. Before installing any kind of siding, you might require to install vertical furring strips first to function as a point of attachment. Installing siding directly to stucco might lead the stucco to crack and thus make an inadequate seal.  


Similar to siding, a range of veneers are appropriate for concealing up exterior stucco. Veneers are made to look like a range of finishes, such as brick and stone. However, they are much lighter, simpler to install and less expensive compared to the authentic material. A contractor might choose to install it in the similar way that vinyl siding would be used, or a thin layer of plaster over net might be placed between the veneer and the stucco to make a waterproof seal depending on the type of veneer.  

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